The KHS Needs YOU!!

The KHS is a group of Members who meet once a month to talk about reptiles and amphibians. We get many requests to give live herp presentations to young people. These types of presentations are easy to give because the animals do most of the talking and because everyone who shows up has a snake story of their own to tell!

Please join our Society and help us to reach out to people in an effort to educate the public about reptiles and amphibians.

We meet at The Louisville Nature Center and they need live snake presentations from our Members. Please join us and help us. It is easy, as Barry R. demonstrates above in a photo taken by Todd M.

Newsletter Supplement:

Carpet Pythons by Will Bird

Copperhead Observations in Kentucky by Will Bird

Savu Island Python by Phil Peak

A Brief Overview of Lampropeltis in Kentucky by Phil Peak

Going Nocturnal! by Phil Peak

Diamondback Water8 Snake by Phil Peak


We generally meet the third SUNDAY of every month at 6pm at The Louisville Nature Center.

For information about meeting topics visit us on Facebook. Search KHS - Kentucky Herpetological Society on Facebook.

Everyone is welcome. This is a chance to get to know your fellow K.H.S. members or meet them for the first time if you're thinking about becoming a member. Come on out, join us, and have a blast.

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The KHS Newsletter is now electronic. This new format has been working very well. It has allowed Members to submit brief articles with a picture or three with minimal effort. The result has been a better newsletter delivered more regularly with articles from a larger group of local contributors.

The KHS needs articles from YOU. If you can write a couple of sentences and perhaps even e-mail a picture we will publish it as long as it is within good taste and reason. Full length articles are also accepted. Please contribute to our Newsletter!


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